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Vicki Roudonis
Discussion about What Was That Book?

Looking for a book on collecting

I had a book from the late 80's or early 90's that was about collecting. I don't believe it was a Lyle. It was not focused on any particular type of item but was, instead, an overview of just about every conceivable area of interest. It gave a one page summary of the particular area of interest and ... More

Robyn Campbell
Discussion about Is This Book Valuable?

Restricted FM 101-10 Staff Officers Field Manual

I found this book in a trunk I purchased at a garage sale. FM101-10; War Department; Staff Officers' Field Manual; Organization, Technical and Logistical Data' June 15, 1941. The back of the binder is a little loose, but all in all, I think it looks great.

Discussion about Authors

David Walliams excellent writing career

I would like to recommend 'Grandpa's Great Escape'. The audio CD is very good and I have really enjoyed listening to it.

Discussion about General

sending books and cd's to a state prison

Just wondered if anyone uses this site to send books and cd's to someone who is in a state prison..

Magic Lamp Tours
Discussion about General

Morocco Tours with family

Marrakech is a special place, full of markets, gardens, mosques and palaces. You need to enter the location and discover the streets just, of the historical Medina. There is absolutely no better way of discovering Marrakech that walking around this beautiful city and going to the Medina. People here ... More

james maina
Discussion about What Was That Book?

Woman, FBI, cafe, green, mistaken identity, 1969 or before

About 1969, I read a book about a woman who had recently lost weight and was mistakenly identified by an FBI agent as a criminal. Once the mistake was realized, the woman agreed to help the FBI catch the criminal's accomplice(s). She wore a green dress and sat at a table near the window of a cafe ... More

samantha s
Discussion about What Are You Reading Now?

I need suggestions! List your favorite books! :)

I've been in a bit of a rut lately. I feel like I've read everything on my book shelf and am unsure of what to read next. I usually go for science/bio books but have lately taken an interest in fantasy/fiction/thriller. I think I'm beginning to prefer books that really absorb and offer an escape from ... More

Discussion about General

Unreconstructed-A Story of the Old West by C.G. Faulkner

I have released a Western Adventure on amazon kindle. Please take a look! Thanks!

Patricia M
Discussion about What Was That Book?

Love to know title and author of young adult fantasy adventure series

About 2 years ago on a Holland America cruise (I don't think the book was that old) I read book that I believe was the second in a series about a teen girl and her teen male friend who have just escaped from their world into a forbidden world of magic and monsters and others who try to stop their ... More