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Alibris U.K. Help: Shipping & Delivery

A shipping snapshot: how it works and how to save

  • Items ship from thousands of independent sellers or from an Alibris warehouse.
  • Shipping methods are selected during checkout.
  • Order from sellers within the U.K. or Europe for fastest shipping times.
  • Items from sellers outside the U.K. or Europe will take longer to reach you.
  • Shipping discounts are applied when you order more than one item from the same seller in the same order.

 More questions? Visit our Help & Customer Service page or e-mail Customer Service.

 Shipping & handling rates and delivery times

The first item from each seller is charged as noted below. Order additional items from the same seller to receive consolidated shipping discounts on orders shipping to U.K. or European addresses.

To U.K. addresses
U.K. Standard 3-14 days* Books: $3.52
Music & movies: $1.63
Books: $2.51
Music & movies: $1.25
To European addresses
European Standard 3-14 days* Books: $5.04
Music & movies: $2.26
Books: $3.77
Music & movies: $1.88
To addresses outside of the U.K. and Europe
International About 2 weeks** Books: $11.86
Music & movies: $4.53
Books: $11.86
Music & movies: $4.53
‡applicable countries listed below
*may be delayed in transit up to 30 calendar days
†may be subject to import duties and taxes
**may be delayed in transit up to 45 calendar days
Shipping service

Independent seller shipping & handling

Shipping and handling charges are applied to items listed by independent sellers. You may receive consolidated shipping discounts when you order more than one item from the same independent seller.

Countries qualifying for U.K./European direct shipping

For U.K. or European direct shipping, you may send your orders to addresses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Finland, Greece, and Portugal.

Estimating total shipping time

The amount of time your order will take to reach you depends on the items you're ordering, where the seller is located, and where and how you want the order shipped. Items listed as shipping from Alibris are normally sent on the first business day after you order them. Items listed as shipping from independent sellers usually take 2 to 3 days to process before shipment, and items from non-U.K. and non-European sellers may take up to three weeks to process. Once you have selected your items, please use the tables above to estimate the total delivery time to your location.

Items from non-U.K. and non-European sellers take longer

When you order items from sellers outside the United Kingdom or Europe, they ship your merchandise to our warehouse first. We then verify and check your order before shipping it on to you, whether you're located inside or outside of the the U.K. and Europe. This process takes some extra time, but it helps to ensure that your order is accurate when it reaches you.

Import duties and taxes on orders shipped between countries

If you are the recipient of an order shipped between countries, you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are assessed when the package reaches your country. You are responsible for these and any other additional charges. Most carriers assess applicable duties and taxes when the shipment from us arrives in your country. If more money is owed, they will send you a letter notifying you of the charges and the steps you need to take to receive your package.

Unfortunately, we can't control or determine the duties and taxes that will apply to your order. Because policies vary, please contact your country's customs office for more information. When ordering from us, you are the importer of record and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

Additional post charges may apply

When multi-volume sets, exceptionally large or heavy books, and/or ephemera are ordered, additional shipping/post charges may be assessed. If you are ordering such an item, we recommend contacting its seller beforehand to determine whether non-standard shipping/post charges will be applied to your order.