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Quote -E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

Posted 30 May 2013

“Editors can be stupid at times. They just ignore that author’s intention. I always try to read unabridged editions, so much is lost with cut versions of classic literature, even movies don’t make sense when they are edited....

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For the most part I will be offering religious books, but I also am selling quality used books in many other categories. As I grow my inventory, I will aquire quality used books of all genres, but will try & concentrate on religious genre. Please let me know how I can best service your love for books. Gary Frede

Hi, my name is Gary Frede. I have been a reader all my life. I found this quote on a t-shirt from Wireless,(which I own & wear). "bib' li.o-hol' ism [<Gr biblion]. n. [BIBLIO + HOLISM] - books, of books: the habitual longing to purchase, read, store, admire, and consume books in excess". This describes me to a T. When I was discharged from the service in 1974, I found a job at a bookstore & eventually bought it. After 5 years & 3 months we sold it & moved to California to take a job at a bookstore out here. The bookstore I was working at has gone out of business, so I am putting my efforts into selling quality use books online.

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How To Open A Book

Posted by EarnestBooksCal on 23 June 2012

NOTICE: How To Open A Book from "Modern Bookbinding."  Found this in the middle of a book I was given.  Working in bookselling for many years I not only practiced this but taught it to my customers.  Enjoy!

Hold the book with its back on a smooth or covered table; let the front board down, then the other, holding the leaves in one hand while you open a few leaves at the back, then a few at the front, and so on, alternately opening back and front, gently pressing open the sections till you reach the center of the volume.  Do this two or three times and you will obtain the best results.  Open the volume volently or carelessly in any one place and you will cause a start in the leaves.  Never force the back of the book.

"A connoisseur many years ago, an excellent customer of mine, who thought he knew pefectly how to handle books, came into my office when I had an expensive binding just brought from the bindery ready to be sent home; he, before my eyes, took hold of the volume and tightly holding the leaves in each hand, instead of allowing them free play, violently opened it in the center and exclaimed: 'How beautifully your bindings open!'  I almost fainted.  He had broken the back of the volume and it had to be rebound."

End of article.  I also have seen customers open a new book & break the "binding"; thinking they knew what they were doing (or thinking they knew what they were doing, as the case may be).

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