Children of Gaia and Uktena


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Legends that Inspire This pair of stories examines the power and danger inherent to the legends of the Garou. In Tribe Novel: Children of Gaia, a vicious Bane has grievously wounded the metis known as Cries Havoc by stealing part of his spirit. Now Havoc's packmates must travel into the Umbra on a quest to make him whole again. In Tribe Novel: Uktena, the Galliard Amy Thousand-Steps is confronted by the Wyrm-tainted Silver Fang Arkady. The exiled Arkady wants an object that will aid him on his downward spiral, and the young ...

Children of Gaia and Uktena 2002, White Wolf Publishing, Aldershot

ISBN-13: 9781588468123

Trade paperback