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Dionysus - Dead Can Dance
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  1. Act I: Sea Borne/Liberator of Minds/Dance of the Bacchantes
  2. Act II: The Mountain/The Invocation/The Forest/Psychopomp

The follow-up to the pioneering Australian art pop duo's 2012 comeback LP Anastasis, Dionysus dispenses with the more song-oriented approach of its predecessor in favor of an atmosphere-driven bacchanalian oratorio inspired by the Greek god of wine and ecstasy. Split into two tracks with a sum of seven movements, Dionysus unfurls like a guided ayahuasca trip; a curl of aromatic smoke that develops into a roaring, pre-Byzantine bonfire replete with primeval chants and ancient rites. Opener "Sea Borne" tracks the outsider God ...

Dionysus 2018,

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