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Lasso: Prophetić Sibyllarum - Anna Simboli (soprano); Davide Benetti (bass); De Labyrintho; Enrico Bava (bass); Fabio Furnari (tenor);...
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  1. Prophetiae Sibyllarum... chromatico more singulari confectae, motet collection for 4 voices
  2. Praeter rerum seriem (secundi toni), magnificat for 6 voices, H. xv/248
  3. Officium Natalis Christi, Mass proper for 5 voices, H. xxiii/28
  4. In principio erat verbum, motet for 6 voices, M. v (S. xv/8)
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Orlandus Lassus' Prophetiae Sibyllarum is the earliest known and weirdest of his 2,000 or so works, and it is isn't recorded very often. Although the first modern edition of Prophetiae Sibyllarum appeared as early as 1937, it was absent from record until Miroslav Venhoda and the Prague Madrigal Singers recorded it in Paris in 1963. In the four decades that followed it has achieved about half a dozen performances on record, despite its revered status as a milestone within the Renaissance "Musica Reservata," not to mention ...

Lasso: Prophetić Sibyllarum 2007, Stradivarius

UPC: 8011570337627