Poems and Prose Poems: With the Book, Spiritual Instrument and a Throw of the Dice. . .

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I started to translate Mallarme's poems because I wasn't content with the English versions I could find. In translation, poets who preceded and followed Mallarme are accessible to us. Baudelaire is accessible to us, Apollinaire is accessible to us. I couldn't find a way into Mallarme in the English versions I found, and I suspected it wasn't his fault. Mallarme was an English teacher, and he did translations of the poems of his beloved Edgar Allan Poe, in prose, of course. But his poems in French were metrical and rhymed. ...

Poems and Prose Poems: With "The Book, Spiritual Instrument" and "A Throw of the Dice. . ." 2016, Jim Hanson

ISBN-13: 9780692640968

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