1. Themeanrestingmembranepotentialofrattaste cells is - 36 mVunderadap- tation of the tongue to 41.4 mMNaCI and - 50mV under water adaptation. 2. The shapes ofreceptor potentials ofrattastecells inresponsetothe four basic tastestimuli(0.5MNaCI, 0.02 M Q-HCI, 0.01 MHCl, and0.5 M sucrose)are classified into three types, namely (1) a depolarization alone, (2) a depolariza- tion preceded by a transient hyperpolarization, and (3) a hyperpolarization alone. No regenerative spike potentials are evoked in rat taste cells by ...

Progress in Sensory Physiology 2011, Springer

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