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Shake That Thing: East Coast Blues 1935-1953 ()


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Shake That Thing: East Coast Blues 1935-1953 - Various Artists
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Track Listing
  1. John Henry
  2. John Henry
  3. Blues
  4. Tone the Bell Easy
  5. Motherless Child
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  1. John Henry
  2. John Henry
  3. Blues
  4. Tone the Bell Easy
  5. Motherless Child
  6. Po' Boy, Long Way from Home
  7. A Dream of Mine
  8. Education Blues
  9. Talking in Sebastopol
  10. Careless Love
  11. I Get Evil When My Love Comes Down
  12. You Ain't No Good
  13. Black Jack Blues
  14. Going My Way
  15. Down in the Bottom
  16. Bad Love
  17. I've Got to Stop Drinkin'
  18. Cold Love
  19. Not Now, I'll Tell You When
  20. I'm Gonna Take It Easy
  21. That's Alright
  22. Stick with Me
  23. I've Done Stopped Gamblin'
  24. Doing My Best
  25. Good-Time Papa
  26. Baby, Boy, Baby
  27. It's Getting Soft
  28. Don't Worry About It
  29. Mean Old Blues
  30. You Have to Be Different
  31. The Jinx Is on Me
  32. It's Time to Move
  33. Hold Me Baby
  34. Nobody Loves Me Like My Little Girl
  35. Youngster's Blues
  36. Cold Mama
  37. I'm Just Crazy
  38. I Am Playing the Game
  39. I Am Just Hard Luck
  40. Got No Money Blues
  41. I Had My Hands on It
  42. Laughing Rag
  43. Baby How Long
  44. You Got to Do Better
  45. Ride to a Funeral in a V-8
  46. Decoration Day
  47. Drivin' That Thing
  48. That's Grieving Me
  49. 99 1/2 Wond Do
  50. Baby Don't You Want to Go
  51. Chicago Blues
  52. Something's Gone Wrong
  53. Worried Blues
  54. Comb Your Kitty Kat
  55. Just a Note
  56. Church Bells
  57. Trouble Don't Last
  58. Shake That Thing
  59. So Many Days
  60. That Gal's No Good
  61. New Goin' Down Slow
  62. Goin' to Chattanooga
  63. Steel Mill Blues
  64. I Will Never Love Again
  65. Goin' to Virginia
  66. Boar Hog Blues
  67. Eloise
  68. I've Been a Fool
  69. Christmas Blues
  70. Amen Blues
  71. Neighborhood Blues
  72. Mama, Mama Blues
  73. Tell Me Pretty Baby
  74. I'm Gonna Rock
  75. Cool That Thing
  76. Sportin' Life
  77. Everyday I Weep and Moan
  78. Somebody Is Got to Go
  79. Blues, Blues, Blues
  80. I Got a Letter
  81. Too Late to Scream and Shout
  82. Hoodoo Man
  83. Income Tax Blues
  84. Bed Tick Blues
  85. Cold Chills
  86. Black and Tan
  87. Church Bell Blues
  88. Tell Me Pretty Baby
  89. Goodbye Blues
  90. Lazy Woman Blues
  91. Old Home Blues
  92. Salty Dog
  93. Cold Chills
  94. Amen
  95. Gonna Hop on Down the Line
  96. Do Right
  97. Door Bell Blues
  98. Why'd You Do It
  99. Early One Morning
  100. Number Writer
  101. Lemon Man
  102. Laughing Blues
  103. Number Writer
  104. I Can Shake It
  105. Drivin' That Thing
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JSP's Shake That Thing: East Coast Blues compiles four CD's of performances by country blues pickers Gabriel Brown, Dan Pickett, and Ralph Willis. It's hard to go wrong with these 105 obscure recordings cut between 1935 and 1953. The tracks have been remastered, making the majority of this material sound great. Unlike other packages of this type, the liner notes are informative; listing personnel, dates, and concise history without going on ad nauseam. As an extra bonus this is a budget-priced set making it highly ...

Shake That Thing: East Coast Blues 1935-1953 2006, JSP

UPC: 788065775322