Your Body Battles a Cold - Cobb, Vicki, and Kunkel, Dennis (Photographer)
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Sniff, sniff, achoo! You know how miserable a cold can make you feel. But did you know that its the start of a battle? Nasty germs called rhinoviruses attack the cells inside your nose. Luckily, your body doesnt take this assault lying down. While your nose works to blow the invaders out with sneezes and wash them out with mucus, your blood cells also move in to fight the rhinoviruses to the death. That yellow-green mucus thats part of a cold is really dead viruses and dead blood cellsall casualties of the battle that your ...

Your Body Battles a Cold 2009, Millbrook Press, Minneapolis, MN

ISBN-13: 9780822568131


Your Body Battles a Cold 2008, Lerner Classroom, Minneapolis, MN

ISBN-13: 9781580138369

Trade paperback