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Find Best-Selling Books for Less Than £1

At Alibris we pride ourselves on making the largest inventory of books online available to our customers at some of the lowest prices you will find. Millions of books at Alibris can be found for as low as £1. Whatever genre or author you're searching for, Alibris has it and more often than not, cheaper than anywhere else. The search box above will look only for books that are priced at £1, so start exploring and start saving big!


Alibris works with independent booksellers around the world to offer you the widest selection of cheap books available. These independent sellers are adding new books every day. Buying from Alibris supports local and international businesses while providing you with the widest selection of new and used books, music, and movies from around the globe.

You can purchase a book for as little as £1 when you use this page to find novels from all genres. So whether you're looking for a specific author, genre, or title, we can help you find an affordable book to help you save on your next favorite read.

All of the books we sell are in readable condition. Once you find the book you're looking for, you can choose the individual copy based on the book's condition, seller rating, and price. All of our independent sellers are required to follow strict standards to ensure your satisfaction. Alibris guarantees your purchase of any new, used, and cheap books to ensure your order arrives in the condition described on our website. If you're not satisfied with your order, you can return it for a full refund.

Since we have independent sellers all around the world, you might wonder how much shipping a discount book can cost. Once you've found a cheap book to purchase, you can see how much shipping will cost based on your shipping location. You may also be eligible to receive consolidated shipping discounts when you purchase multiple items from the same seller.