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Has Alibris hidden advanced search options so I can't see them? I want to search by publisher.

Discussion about Book Collecting


I have a few books I believe will interest collectors. Is there anyone who might be interested in purchasing to resell or do I need to become a seller to sell myself? The books are; A 20 book set of 10 volumes, two sections per volume √Ę‚?¨Ň?the complete works of Shakespeare√Ę‚?¨¬? edited by ... More

Discussion about Biographies & Memoirs



Godrej Splendou
Discussion about General

Godrej Splendour offers a truly elevated living experience

Discover the epitome of luxury and comfort in one of Bangalore's most coveted locations.Belathur In Bangaloe with 1 2 and 3bhks

Discussion about General

Highway 61 dvd

Been looking for this Canadian film from the 90√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs I believe for ages! Anyone know where I might find a copy??

Diana F
Discussion about What Was That Book?

was it a Kaye Scarpetta?

The heroine had to go through a dark maze to reach a secret installation

Sarivelisse V
Discussion about Book Collecting

Never mind a twin novel


Discussion about Suggestion Box for Alibris

Taking What's Not Yours

Here's a suggestion: stop stealing my money. I've twice ordered a book; I paid for it (with shipping) twice (mid-Feb. and March). Twice-- no book. I contacted the merchant directly; he knew nothing about the order. I sent Alibris a request to investigate; NO response. So, Alibris-- Although I've ... More

Discussion about Movies

only one dvd per cart?

I just discovered this site and want to order several dvds, but it would only add one item to the cart, if I add another one, it wipes off the first one...anybody know how to solve this?

Discussion about Suggestion Box for Alibris

Customer book reviews!

I'm a big fan and long time, loyal customer of Alibris.The world is a much nicer place with Alibris!! Only issue i believe i've ever experienced was trying to post a book review for an excellent book that i may have actually not bought from Alibris. 90+% of my treasured library was purchased from ... More