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chris Bailey
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1970 lord of the rings 3 book boxset unopened

Need help not sure what this is worth
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an introduction to biological evolution

I need the book and how much

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Hewitt Clarke 'Bloody Kemper' signed 1st edition

Hi - My name is Emmett and I am from Kemper county Mississippi - Hewitt Clarke was a family friend and I was fortunate enough to have him sign my 1st edition 'Bloody Kemper' book - The book is in very good condition - The jacket is mint - You may email me at [email protected]

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I have all four volumes of this document, each with a dated dedication note to my father (who worked with him during the Manhattan project) signed by Dr. Seaborg.I have additional material associated with the above. I am considering selling them, and would appreciate information on their value and how ... More

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Used Bridge Saw in California for sale

used bridge saw utilized scaffold saw leave the outlet in the wake of booking the Used Bridge Saw for sale machine for a your business necessities, leave each one of your burdens related to the used stone cutting machines behind as these used machines are no lessor than a crisp out of the plastic new ... More

Dave O
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Container load of Books

Can I buy a container load of used books - wholesale - from Alibris for resale in Kenya? I'm based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Paul Schilling
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Clean House, Exposing Our Government's Secrets and Lies

From the moment I saw Clean House by Thomas Fitton, I was literally overwhelmed by how easy it was to read the interior. From my own website I placed scrambled-up letters trying to reproduce a page. Clean House interior design won easily. I have just published by (fingers crossed) best-seller. Can ... More

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side don't work!!!!

I am unable to add an item to my cart. I press the "Add to Cart" button and nothing happens. I tried to fill out the contact information and there is a blank in the "secondary drop down" I am going to be completely surprised if this gets posted! Is Alibris still a working site, is it down, is ... More

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Last: on 02 August 2018
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