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Learn why Alibris UK is your leading source of new and second-hand books.
Learn why Alibris UK is your leading source of new and second-hand books.
Learn why Alibris UK is your leading source of new and second-hand books.

Find every book you want

Search our 100 million books for just the one you want. Find second-hand, new, out-of-print, foreign language, and hard-to-find titles. You'll discover rare editions of childhood favourites, novels signed by respected authors, the latest bestsellers, and more.

You'll also uncover our vast selection of music and films—chart-topping CDs, collectible records, and DVDs for entertaining the kids.

Save on shipping, and get it fast

Some items listed on Alibris U.K. ship from our warehouse, while other items ship directly from independent sellers. When you search for an item, notice the seller's location. For quick delivery to addresses in the United Kingdom and Europe, choose books from sellers in the U.K. and Europe.

Get shipping discounts by ordering two or more items from the same seller. After you add an item to your basket, you'll automatically receive shipping discounts for each additional item that you purchase from that same seller in the same order. These consolidated shipping discounts are easy to receive. Just click the seller's name to access their Alibris U.K. store, where you can search their stock for other items of interest.

Please review our Shipping Information page for more details.

Support independent booksellers

With Alibris U.K., you support thousands of independent sellers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and around the world. We unite sellers from your hometown and the four corners of the globe, giving you access to bookshelves in Europe, North America, and even the Far East.

As you search or browse our site, click an item's See All Copies link and you'll receive an Available Copies page displaying all the sellers offering that particular item. You can sort these search results by seller rating, price, and condition.

Shop with confidence

Alibris U.K. and the independent sellers on our Web site strive to maintain an excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction. That's why your transactions are always backed by our money-back guarantee and our easy returns policy .

You can also be confident that any information you supply us is secure. Your privacy is protected.