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Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (c. 90 - c. 20 BCE), better known simply as Vitruvius, was a Roman military engineer and architect who wrote De Architectura (On Architecture), a treatise which combines the history of ancient architecture and engineering with the author's personal experience and advice on the subject. He served as a military engineer and architect for Julius Caesar between 58 and 51 BCE and he personally visited Greece, Asia, North Africa, and Gaul. He was considered an expert on...See more

Personality Profile For Vitruvius


The following is a personality profile of Vitruvius based on his work.

Vitruvius is shrewd, skeptical and tranquil.

He is empathetic, he feels what others feel and is compassionate towards them. He is imaginative as well: he has a wild imagination. But, Vitruvius is also philosophical: he is open to and intrigued by new ideas and loves to explore them.

More than most people, his choices are driven by a desire for discovery.

He is also relatively unconcerned with tradition: he cares more about making his own path than following what others have done. Considers independence to guide a large part of what he does: he likes to set his own goals to decide how to best achieve them.

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