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Art is food for the soul as well as a feast for the eyes, and Art Books allow us to capture that magic on the printed page. Art aficionados and beginners alike can expand their experience through Art Books that offer instruction in everything from drawing, painting or ceramics. Dig into historical tomes that trace the evolution of every art movement under the sun. Open anthologies that focus on the works of vital artists from every era. Whatever your focus, Alibris UK carries every kind of art book you could imagine.

The Painted Word

Celebrity author vs. modern art. Tom Wolfe had already been a famous novelist for years by the time The Painted Word was published in 1975, and he instantly became a notorious art critic. From Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock to uber-critic Clement Greenberg, Wolfe gleefully pulled the carpet out from under everyone and everything he deemed pretentious. Wolfe quickly became Public Enemy Number One in the modern art world, of course, and as powerful as The Painted Word is as an art book, it's also a fascinating period piece made all the more interested by imagining how many people hated him for it.

Best-selling Art titles

Guidelines for the Technical Examination of Bronze Sculpture Guidelines for the Technical...

David Bourgarit (Editor), Jane Bassett (Editor)
Buy from $54.48

Andrea Pichl: Kiosk Andrea Pichl: Kiosk

Andrea Pichl (Editor), Antje Schunke (Editor)
Buy from $35.16

Landscapes of Desire: 4th Industrial Art Biennial Istria Landscapes of Desire: 4th...

Paolo Bianchi (Editor), Christoph Doswald (Editor)
Buy from $31.20

Natalie Czech: You See But You Say Natalie Czech: You See But...

Natalie Czech
Buy from $37.86

On Care: A Journey Into the Relational Nature of Artists' Residencies On Care: A Journey Into the...

Pawel Mendrek (Editor), Ewa Zasada (Editor)
Buy from $28.55

Ingrid Wiener, Martin Roth: From Far Away You See More Ingrid Wiener, Martin Roth:...

Ingrid Wiener (Editor), Martin Roth
Buy from $27.47

ISA Rosenberger: Shadows, Gaps, Voids ISA Rosenberger: Shadows,...

Isa Rosenberger (Editor), Andreja Hribernik (Editor)
Buy from $30.50

Diving Into Art Diving Into Art

Maria Bremer (Editor), Markus Heinzelmann (Editor)
Buy from $37.34

Mining: Spaces in Transition: Mining Kollektiv Mining: Spaces in Transition:...

Friedrich Engel (Editor), Ursula Gaisbauer (Editor)
Buy from $30.77

Zbynek Sekal: 100 Zbynek Sekal: 100

Zbynek Sekal (Editor), Peter Liaunig (Editor)
Buy from $36.81

Gunda Gruber: The Geometry of Non-Order Gunda Gruber: The Geometry of...

Gunda Gruber (Editor), Tina Teufel (Editor)
Buy from $27.37

Drafting Facilities: Thinking with Models Drafting Facilities: Thinking...

Hannes Brunner (Editor), Markus Landert (Editor)
Buy from $27.47

The Story of Art The Story of Art

EH Gombrich, Leonie Gombrich (Contributions by)
Buy from $48.98

Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art Unravel: The Power and...

Lotte Johnson (Editor), Amanda Pinath (Editor)
Buy from $47.14

A Difficult Heritage: Fascist-Era Art and Architecture Out of Its Time A Difficult Heritage: Fascist...

Mia Fuller (Text by), Carmen Belmonte (Editor)
Buy from $41.52

Lee Ufan Lee Ufan

Lee Ufan (Text by), Luisa Bachmann (Text by)
Buy from $20.08

Giorgio Morandi: Time Suspended Giorgio Morandi: Time...

Giorgio Morandi, Marilena Pasquali (Editor)
Buy from $37.61

Anatomical Waxes: La Specola Di Firenza David Cronenberg Anatomical Waxes: La Specola...

David Cronenberg, Mario Mainetti (Editor)
Buy from $86.60

Space Feminisms: People, Planets, Power Space Feminisms: People,...

Marie-Pier Boucher (Editor), Charissa N Terranova (Editor)
Buy from $105.16

Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled in Buffalo Fifteen Minutes: Bamboozled...

Michael F Rizzo
Buy from $28.74

Art In America Art In America

Aleister Crowley
Buy from $19.81

KIOSK: A project by Kunsthalle Rostock and Andrea Pichl, 2023 KIOSK: A project by...

Andrea Pichl (Artist), Michael Brauer (Text by)
Buy from $39.59

Stranger in the Village: Le Racisme Au Miroir de James Baldwin Stranger in the Village: Le...

Céline Eidenbenz (Editor), Sarah Mühlebach (Editor)
Buy from $44.97

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