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Sometimes the most stunning stories are the ones told about real people in Biography & Autobiography Books. You can get a front-row seat for experiences from every walk of life. Athletes, actors, musicians, and politicians from every era have tales to tell, either on their own or through biographers. Explore fascinating first person accounts from the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Anne Frank. Or delve into lighter fare such as sassy life stories from funny lady Caitlin Moran or Keith Richards' no holds barred peek into living life as a member of the Rolling Stones. The Biography & Autobiography Books you find here let you in on everything you ever wanted to know about the world's most fascinating figures.

Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal

The enfant terrible of comedy, Russell Brand is to outrage as a duck is to water — it's simply the environment in which he operates. But for all the scandal that has surrounded the maverick comic's iconoclastic exploits, mostly he's just outrageously funny. And that's exactly what comes across in his second autobiographical outing, affectionately dubbed Booky Wook 2. Just as he does with everything else he touches, Brand turns the concept of the celebrity tell-all book on its ear, even as he takes us through the dizzying kaleidoscope of sex, fame, controversy, and comedy that has become his everyday existence. Lovers of irreverent biography will embrace Brand's wild world as warmly as his fervent fans.

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