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Trying to sleuth out the best Mystery & Detective Books? Nothing intoxicates the mind like a good mystery. In every era of literature, the twists and turns of carefully crafted mystery books have captivated millions, from Sherlock Holmes to the more contemporary thrillers of Robert Ludlum and Lee Child beyond. And if you start to get all goosebumpy at the thought of an expertly orchestrated crime story full of surprises, false alarms, puzzling clues, blind alleys, and baffling questions, you owe it to yourself to start exploring the wide array of Mystery & Detective Books available throughout the Alibris UK marketplace.

The Hanging Garden

The Hanging Garden

Murder's on his mind. What do an elusive war criminal, a scrappy young hood, and a scary gangster have in common? The investigative expertise of Inspector John Rebus, the star of a sterling series of mystery books by Scottish suspense scribe Ian Rankin, that's what. And when you throw sexual slavery, murder, and an attempt on the life of the Inspector's daughter into the pot, things really begin to boil. If you're a longtime devotee of the Rebus series, the crime-solving gifts the gruff gumshoe displays in The Hanging Garden will be familiar but fascinating. And if you're a newbie you can start the saga right here without a worry, but be warned — you'll soon be drooling to devour the entire series.

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