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Science Fiction Books

Do you have the kind of fanciful mind that wonders whether Venusians celebrate Christmas, or how to get from your house to the moon without any bathroom breaks? Well even if you don't, your sense of wonder will still be stoked by our stellar selection of Science Fiction books. Whether you favor the more fantasy-oriented end of the spectrum a la J.K. Rowling's legendary Harry Potter series, or you're catching up on classics like Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, our intense array of science fiction books will rocket you into an otherworldly realm.


A weird and wonderful vision of subterranean London. In his first full-length novel of science fiction, renowned graphic novelist Neil Gaiman has created an eerie world beneath the streets of London. What begins as a young businessman's offer of help to a mysterious woman quickly becomes a dark and haunting tale of intrigue in a subterranean city made up of long-forgotten parts of historic London. Finding that his normal life may no longer exist, the man must rely on this enigmatic stranger if he has any chance of getting it back. Fans of Gaiman's work will feel right at home while the author's wit, imagination, and talent for suspense will delight any reader who craves a fantastic story, masterfully told.

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