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If you're not getting enough laughs in your life from watching an endless stream of kooky cat videos online, Humour Books can help you get your giggle on. Laughter is the best medicine for a weary soul, especially if it comes from the pages of hysterical Humour Books you can return to whenever you need a good guffaw. You can absorb the uproarious observations of famous funny folks like Rowan Atkinson and Ricky Gervais, or soak up the satirical wit of hotshot humorists like Russell Brand. Our endless offerings will keep you laughing long enough to wish we had a "Hiccup Remedies" section.

How to be a Woman

How to be a Woman

Being a lady's a laughing matter. Broadcaster and sassy satirist Caitlin Moran doesn't truck in the kind of feminism that takes itself too seriously. Not that she's lacking in trenchant tales about the female predicament in today's world — How to be a Woman is packed with powerful anecdotes from her own experiences as well as on-target observations about the uphill battle women still face in skirmishes between the sexes. But Moran's mirthful manifesto is easily as much of a humour book as it is a feminist broadside.

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