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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introductory Programming Manual Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars...

Buy from $11.36

The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies The Myth of the Rational...

Bryan Caplan
Buy from $9.25

Introduction to Civil War Introduction to Civil War

Tiqqun, Alexander R Galloway (Translator)
Buy from $12.68

How to Stay Sane in an Age of Division: The powerful, pocket-sized manifesto How to Stay Sane in an Age of...

Elif Shafak
Buy from $5.21

Political Interventions: Social Science and Political Action Political Interventions:...

Professor Pierre Bourdieu, David Fernbach (Translator)
Buy from $16.02

Political Sociology: Power and Participation in the Modern World Political Sociology: Power...

Anthony M Orum, John G Dale
Buy from $2.04

The Virtue of Nationalism The Virtue of Nationalism

Yoram Hazony
Buy from $10.48

Predisposed: The Left, the Right, and the Biology of Political Differences Predisposed: The Left, the...

John R Hibbing, Kevin B Smith
Buy from $41.07

Bridging the Information Gap: Legislative Member Organizations as Social Networks in the United States and the European Union Bridging the Information Gap:...

Prof. Jennifer Nicoll Victor, Prof. Nils Ringe
Buy from $109.41

The Government-Citizen Disconnect The Government-Citizen...

Suzanne Mettler
Buy from $8.99

Hatred of Democracy Hatred of Democracy

Jacques Ranciere, Steve Corcoran (Translator)
Buy from $7.28

Sociology Is a Martial Art: Political Writings by Pierre Bourdieu Sociology Is a Martial Art:...

Gisele Sapiro (Editor), Pierre Bourdieu
Buy from $11.05

Habermas and the Public Sphere Habermas and the Public Sphere

Craig Calhoun, President (Editor)
Buy from $9.36

Gains and Losses: How Protestors Win and Lose Gains and Losses: How...

James M Jasper, Luke Elliott-Negri
Buy from $29.33

Wronged and Dangerous: Viral Masculinity and the Populist Pandemic Wronged and Dangerous: Viral...

Karen Lee Ashcraft
Buy from $20.18

The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies, and Globalization The Handbook of Political...

Thomas Janoski (Editor), Robert R Alford (Editor)
Buy from $15.42

Trump Trump

Alain Badiou
Buy from $6.34

Becoming Active Citizens: Practices to Engage Students in Civic Education Across the Curriculum (an Innovative Resource Geared to Transform Civic Education in the Classroom) Becoming Active Citizens:...

Tom Driscoll, Shawn W McCusker
Buy from $53.45

African Politics: A Very Short Introduction African Politics: A Very...

Ian Taylor
Buy from $7.97

What Goes Without Saying: Navigating Political Discussion in America What Goes Without Saying:...

Taylor N Carlson, Jaime E Settle
Buy from $33.18

Semantics of Violence: Revolt and Political Assassination in Mexico Semantics of Violence: Revolt...

Nelson Arteaga Botello
Buy from $50.73

Politics of Hope Politics of Hope

Sacks, Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi
Buy from $6.34

Narrative Politics: Stories and Collective Action Narrative Politics: Stories...

Frederick W Mayer
Buy from $32.17

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