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Just what do Social Science books actually encompass? Oh, merely whatever comes under the various umbrellas of sociology, anthropology, criminology, and even archaeology, to name just a few. Whether you want to understand the punishing power wielded by poverty, the right research methods for savvy social scientists, or the subtleties of social classes, Social Science books will put you in the know. Find the full range of Social Science books today.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Unforgettable real-life stories from Mumbai's worst slum. Beyond the harrowing photographs and stark statistics, what is daily life really like for those who live in one of the world's worst slums? That's the complicated question that brought Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New Yorker staff writer Katherine Boo to the Annawadi settlement at Mumbai's western edge. The stories she's captured here will captivate you with their heartbreak and poignancy. Written with a reporter's scrupulous eye for detail and a novelist's ear for characters and narrative, this eloquent social science book will introduce you to the hearts and hopes of real people you'll never forget.

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