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Posted 16 July 2015

your  Appreciation is great you  will received  best deal  you find your best sellecion  

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Best of all, my family and I love helping each customer to feel good when order collectible antic Books, DVDs, movies, and games at MY BOOKS N ME store. We provide the greatest service that exceeded most of our customer expectations. Great Quality Service Means repeating MY BOOKS N ME's Mission Statement: Fast shipping, at your doorstep. We offer Collectible items at an affordable price. You can take your book on the beach, at your bedroom, and the dinner table.

I got into book business because of my wife and my daughters. They said, "You enjoy reading your books but don't have time to; why don't you give someone else the chance?" I please her ideology and immediately, we opened (MY BOOKS 'N' ME) at Alibris. We provide you with the same privilege to enjoy our books collection. Our mission is to provide best product with lowest price possible. For the past 5 years, MY BOOKS 'N'ME sold more than 10,000 books to our loyal customers here in Alibris Store. Our book collection including about 10 different languages start with English, French, Spanish and More. We trying to do our best to describe the most important issue on each book. In general, we do not price the item on condition but on value.


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