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The Mouse That Roared - Jack Arnold
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The economy of the teeny-tiny European duchy of Grand Fenwick is threatened when an American manufacturer comes up with an imitation of Fenwick's sole export, its fabled wine. Crafty prime minister Count Mountjoy (Peter Sellers) comes up with a plan: Grand Fenwick will declare war on the United States. Grand Duchess Gloriana (Peter Sellers again) is hesitant: how can meek little Grand Fenwick win such a conflict? Mountjoy explains that the plan is to lose the war, then rely upon American foreign aid to replenish Grand ...

The Mouse That Roared 2003,

UPC: 043396100657


The Mouse That Roared 1994,

UPC: 043396600621


The Mouse That Roared 1959,

UPC: 5035822015630