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No matter what kind of facts you want at your fingertips, Reference Books are there to help you deal with the details of every subject under the sun. Are you after an Atlas of the human anatomy? A manual for writers of research papers? A Spanish-English dictionary? Emily Post's guide to etiquette? With the right Reference Books on hand you won't be left wanting for inside info on these topics or any others. And we offer all the Reference Books you'll ever need to become an expert on anything that tickles your fancy.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Words make the world go round. Does a little piece of your soul disintegrate every time someone gets "your" and "you're" confused? Are you eternally aggrieved over rampant misuse of the serial comma? If you're one of those for whom observance of proper grammar is something like a religion, prepare for a stirring sermon from your spiritual leader. In the most engaging reference book you're likely to encounter, Lynne Truss digs into the nuts and bolts of the English language with the zeal of a lifelong grammarian, but she also injects enough humor to almost make you forget that Eats, Shoots & Leaves serves another purpose beyond pure entertainment.

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